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Hello friends,
My daughter has been doing something on this site for a few weeks. And I was really wondering what you're doing. I asked what he did several times. He said something. There is such a thing as blockchain. I really did not understand what happened. I think I will not understand if I asked five thousand times. But what I understand is the posts made here. I saw a few posts and liked it a lot. I said I want to be a member of the site. He was very surprised by this. "CAN YOU DO IT?" He asked. I said, "Why not?" I like to produce something. And nobody knows what I'm doing except you. Then someone should see, he said. And it helped me become a member. I have little computer skills. So now you should know that I can only write. And I'm taking pictures of what I do with my phone. Then my daughter can help me. It tells how I can do my shares.


  • ‘Oh no, I made a lot of ornaments. I'll share it all. "
  • No, they don't have the photos of their production stages !! you have to do new things and have them.



I think he's trying to discourage me. No, I will not give up. And I will learn.
First of all, I had to make a post that I had to tell myself about. But there is not much to tell. I'm a grandmother. And I live my life alone in my home. I transform some of the things that need to be thrown and prepare ornaments for my house.

This time I made a witch in my sweet grandson's room. I do this with a shoe box that I have to throw away. I cut the cardboard. First I draw a model and I draw it on the cardboard and cut it



And I use glue to stick it. When it's the way I want it, I have to paint it.
This time I painted it with cute colors. Your little girl will love it. I think it will be liked when you grow up, even if you don't understand now. I took progressive photos of this. (my daughter said this)
And I will share with you. Maybe you want to do it. It is quite simple and great. I would be happy if you support me.

And have a nice day



this idea came to my mind from a study I have seen on Pinterest before. address for those who are curious:

my daughter : @hairofmedusa


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It sounds like we are much alike! I am a grandmother and live alone, too, but you are much more talented than I am! I love your witch.

Glad to meet you, Melinda, you're so kind. but I have seen your wonderful photos. I really like

Awww, thanks! Sometimes I get a good one! 😊

Welcome to Hive! :) :)

:) thank you so much dear

Hello @momhand, so we have the family here, that is lovely! Welcome on board and look forward to see more from you

You are so kind and sweet dear friend :)
thank you