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It is time to look back and thank those who have helped us get to where we are.


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It is always a very pleasant pleasure to come and share initiatives with this warm community. I love it.

Today I have gathered them in this post to honor the brilliant idea of ​​the hiver known as "the commentator", who with the support of @theycallmedan presents us with an interesting premise: We must refer to our experience regarding comments that we have received in our publications and how this has helped us grow. It is the right time to bring up valuable people, whom I met thanks to their beautiful comments, and who even today are still very important posting partners.

How has my experience been in relation to the comments I have received?

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This community is full of wonderful people. Since my arrival I have always felt welcomed and well received. Despite having been posting for almost a year (living the necessary bifurcation process), I still feel like a girl who continues to learn among a sea of ​​wise and experienced people. It seems to me that the comments are literally a door, a HUGE DOOR. What do I mean?.

When you are new here you really know very little about how everything works. I had never had contact with a blockchain, cryptocurrencies or blogs, however I had all my motivation and my desire to learn, in addition to a lot to share. The people who swim in the Hive sea are very supportive when you are starting out, and they do this through the comments. It is through these that they hold your hand and teach you how to swim in Hive. There I learned about Discord and met several of them who helped me get started.

How did Hive feedback help me connect with users and communities?


It all started with my #INTRODUCEYOURSELF, with which I introduced myself to the community in November of last year. There I made myself known to everyone, and received many comments of guidance and support. It was warm and friendly. #HIVE is characterized by being a community of very kind people, full of courtesy and patience, in which it is impossible not to feel welcome when you are bombarded with good vibes and encouragement.

There I met communities such as #TIPU, #VOTOZNLA #COFFEEBREAK, #CERVANTES, #STEEMTERMINAL and I received warm comments from users that encouraged me and urged me to enjoy my stay in the community.

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As I progressed through the community, I received comments from more users, who were very cordial. They filled me with encouragement and made me want to continue. In addition, they were always open to making recommendations to improve my content with respect to the various rules of which at the time I had no knowledge.

In one of many comments I met my beautiful friend @revivemyheart, who is a poet like me, and with whom I clicked on the hook of her words. She is a beautiful person with whom even today after almost a year I maintain contact and we continue our work with each other. She is Venezuelan just like me, and at some point I know I will go to meet her.

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Thanks to so many comments I learned about the existence of discord and the various communities. Where my eyes were opened to the so-called "initiatives". There my mind flew, and after much research it was how I learned about the existence of @theycallmedan.

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Things did not stop there, from that point on I received the support of many great curators who I value and thank as @blocktrades @appreciator @cervantes @ocdb @trafalgar and many more, with whom I seriously felt committed more than ever to creating quality content and constantly.

I also met a very interesting curator and content creator. Which tactfully explained one of the norms of the community to which it belongs: IT COULD ONLY BE PUBLISHED IN ENGLISH, and in my ignorance I got to publish my poems many times on @OCD in SPANISH. TERRIBLE, IT VIOLATES THE RULES DIRECTLY and he just gave me his kind comment and even voted for my post. Thank you @acydio, I have esteem for you, and your positions on various issues seem very interesting to me when we have coincided in the #OCD discord.

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People like @nachomolina and @tobetada also left their positive mark in my comments and they really made me feel good, letting me know that HIVE is so great, and yet we are all connected.

Hive is a sea of ​​people from all over the world, who are on this blockchain in a healthy and cooperative way. Making possible for people like me things that seemed more distant than a dream. They have helped us shine and show our face to the world, supporting talents of all kinds that can come from anywhere and being decentralized there are no restrictions regardless of your ethnicity or country of origin. It is one of the largest and best-worked projects I have ever seen, because we all love what we do and are driven by passion and the ambition to exploit our talents and opinions. I FULLY THINK THAT COMMENTS ARE THE DOOR THAT CONNECTS US TO OTHERS, WHEN WE ARE TOTALLY UNKNOWN, AND BECOME FRIENDS, COMPANIONS AND PART OF THE SAME.

Lastly, I leave my dear friend @kommienezuspadt, because he is one of my favorite people in all #HIVE and whenever I can I bring him up because he is an incredible person. He was more of a silent stalker. He never left comments on my post, but he always voted me faithfully and quietly. One day he wrote to me for discord and since then we are always in contact. Thanks to the flow of Hive and the support of everyone, I was able to meet people like him, with tremendous and excessive talent, who make me feel motivated and proud of those I consider part of this great family (yes, @kommienezuspadt, I love you and admire you a lot the quality of your work).

#HIVE is a sea of ​​healthy and cooperative people, with diverse talents, who drive you to believe and are an active blockchain, which supports you regardless of your ethnicity or country of origin. It is one of the most visionary and organized projects I have seen and I am proud to work side by side to create good content with capable people and inordinate talent. We do everything with passion and the ambition to exploit our full potential in a decentralized place where we can be ourselves. It makes possible what for people like me was more distant than a dream AND IT IS THE COMMENTS that unite us when we are no more than strangers, where we can express our opinion or encourage others to continue and improve their work. Comments connect us, and these are where we socialize and come together to be more and more professional in what we do.

Thanks for reading me!! Until here today's post. A big hug, stay home.

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If there is one thing that motivates Hive, it is the support you receive from the communities and the curators, but more importantly the support from people who have the same goal as you and naturally become a family. I also met great people within this platform and I understand you, it feels very good.

The friendship that is forged here is not the same false friendship of facebook or ig, or even twitter. Here the comments are sincere and you can see the support among thousands of people. We will continue adding more new people and little by little the world realizes that this platform type is what is really worthwhile for the internet.

It is nice that we all have that dream in order to see HIVE grow, because we are part of this every day and that makes us committed and sincere ties and support. Thanks for your comment, a hug

Para mí también ha sido una grata experiencia recibir comentarios positivos a mis publicaciones, pero también poder ofrecerlos. Ahora los valoro más después de comprender la interacción que quiere lograr @elcomentador al enlazar los comentarios de todos. Una interesante red que conectará todas las celdas del panal. @ariapost ahora he podido conocer tus poemas y siento afinidad por tus publicaciones.

◾️ ◾️ ◾️

It has also been a great experience for me to receive positive feedback on my publications, but also to be able to offer them. Now I value them more after understanding the interaction that @elcomentador wants to achieve by linking everyone's comments. An interesting network that will connect all the cells of the honeycomb. @ariapost now I have been able to know your poems and I feel affinity for your publications.

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Un recorrido muy interesante el que nos muestras en esta publicación. Hay personas como tú que tienen la intuición para descubrir rápidamente el valor de las interacciones en una red social como esta. Los comentarios son una herramienta muy importante para darnos a conocer, en ellos mostramos nuestra forma de entender la realidad. Gracias por compartir tu experiencia. Abrazos.

Gracias a ti por leer. Es importante siempre mantenernos interactuando en la plataforma para hacerla crecer. La grandeza de Hive radica en la calidad de contenido y la interacción de tus usuarios. Un saludo!

En los últimos tiempos hay mucha gente estimulando la participación vía comentarios, a medida que los apoyen seguro que más gente se animará a comentar.

Una experiencia formidable, excelente. Es de mucha importancia el comentario en nuestros post. Saludos @elcomentador

Hi, @ariapost
Nice walk along your comment experience history. I think that this initiative will confirm the importance and value of commenting on Hive.
We all have similar stories of try-and-err moments, but also stories of generous bloggers who took the time to tip us

In addition, they were always open to making recommendations to improve my content with respect to the various rules of which at the time I had no knowledge

I can't make the list of people who has helped me during the last year without leaving many out. It is a wonderful thing that despite the occasional tensions we may run into, for the most part the platform is, as you put it,

a sea of ​​healthy and cooperative people, with diverse talents, who drive you to believe and are an active blockchain, which supports you regardless of your ethnicity or country of origin.

It is nice to be a part of this, and every day I confirm it a little more when I see that there are excellent people that one can meet here. Thanks for your input, greetings!

Un post lleno de gratitud, eso lo hace mucho más espléndido, porque se basa en la realidad, en la experiencia. Que gusto tenerte aquí y que estés tan comprometida con esta red.
Gracias por unirte a esta iniciativa y regalarnos tan magnífica publicación.

PD: También soy venezolano.

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