I Am Scheduled To Get A Chest X-ray Again Tomorrow For My TB Consultation

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I am about about to complete my antituberculosis drug therapy and two more months God-willing I will finish the half-year drug regimen which could supposedly cure me if I really happen to have a tuberculosis.

It has been so fast and it was like last week when I met the doctor who gave me a diagnosis that I have a TB which really surprised me because I am not showing signs of tuberculosis, no fever, cough, chills, or whatever except maybe I am very emaciated and weak. In-fact I am so weak that it is hard to press the nail cutter when I am cutting my nails.

So tomorrow I will get my every two months chest X-ray again and I hope that this time there will be an improvement on the lung impressions there. But the doctors that are reading the x-ray film is also taking or asking the last x-ray results and are basing their judgement call on that.



The First X-Ray Last may

I fear that it will be like that every instance that I get an X-ray and the read by the doctors and since I have a past lung problems due to constant drenching of water in my lungs I could not be able to get a better lung findings or results which might give my pulmunologist a reason to give me more stronger antibiotics.

I was hoping that I could get the extra fluids in my body to get drained out completely today at dialysis but I wasn't able to complete it so I went home still feeling a little full but at least I am not feeling or "hearing" any gurgling sounds in my lungs anymore which then could be a sign that I am already "dry" from extra fluids.

But all I just want is to get cured from what ails me, for me to attain more easement in my life, be pain-free again, and or regain my strength back. It is a very long and expensive processes but it is my sheer determination and hope in my heart that wants me to get going.

So I am always praying and also asking for more prayers from the friends out here to pray for me because prayers works if it is in the will of God, then even a mountain can move.


You have a special place in my heart my friend. I pray to God for you, and I hope to even have half of your strength and resolve.

Thank you @ds-tech I appreciate your prayers and support.
I am really trying to survive my situation and condition, really hard and full of uncertainties but I have to press on and fight but it is just really tough.

Here is to a successful treatment and cheers to your fighting spirit.

So nice to be able to follow your story from across the world and the whole blockchain is pulling for you.

Thank you Sir @zekepickleman
It is quite a life that I have, I wanted to cry but there is no use but to just press on with my life. At least I have an online family that is sometimes more than a family for me.
God bless you all :)

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