Philosophizing - Chapter 1 - Prophecies

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Philosophizing, in my own words, is the art of deeply contemplating thoughts about a specific topic; It is a way of getting lost mystically in the confines of our mind, with the intention of understanding more clearly the reasons, motives, and details about the subject being meditated.

In this series which I will call "philosophizing" I am going to introduce you my way of thinking with reference to various topics which my mind randomly chooses for its respective meditation.

In our First chapter, we will talk about a topic that is very little talked about, but due to the moments that we are currently living, it falls like a ring when it comes to putting our thoughts in order, and above all the necessary protection of our mental health.

Let's talk about Prophecies!


Prophecies are prophecies because we adapt the facts to them, thus making it a reality. It is easy to take a group of facts and systematically adapt them to a prophecy. The key point is to view the events that take place throughout history as a series of sets that may be adequate, or even adapted to convenience, within any prophecy in question; Causing in this way, a pairing that communes intensely with our senses, where we inevitably fall as prey, thus ending believing them!

The events, regardless of whether they occurred in the present, past, or future. They are a dynamic set, while prophecy is static because it describes specific future events.

Taking into account the above, we could agree that the facts/events multiply, add, and accumulate, that is, they do not decrease. The facts are infinite, so out of all that plethora of events, it is highly likely that one will resonate with the prophecy.

Take as an example the prophecy written in Image 1 and observe how we can easily adapt events that occurred to already predetermined prophecies, or on the contrary, one could even "invent" prophecies and adapt them to current events to cause panic such as the example mentioned above, which by the way, according to Nostradamus scholars is completely false this prophecy.

Always investigate friends, the world is full of empty information that contaminate your mind with more worries. A hug!

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