Homemade delicious snacks made with rice.

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What you can't find in the image now, so today I made it at home as an evening nibble.

It tastes a great deal. I make it practically constantly. There are a great deal of sovereigns in Terekat. It is made with flour and molasses.

How might you make it? Presently I will let you know. First you need to take flour, coconut and sweet molasses. It is fundamentally flour and coconut. I have perused the fixings.

It is made with these fixings. It has a great deal of taste and to make it. It will take you around two hours, so I trust you will make it simple.

also, you can ask what you don't eat with it or you don't need to eat it with anything, you can simply eat it and it's totally itemized in the event that you know.

In the event that you need, informed me as to whether I can give you a connect to a YouTube video where the subtleties are examined. I'm sorry I can't let you know in detail since I can't compose.