Stop Having If I Get Corona, I'll get corona mentality

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There are so many people in this world today who are still not taking this pandemic seriously. I am seeing this from bracket age of early 20's to old people. For older generation, they may have survived previous pandemic and war but they were young. For younger people, they could care less mainly because short term pleasure and partly nihilism too.

So many arguments but it's just a flu, there are poverty, hunger, war, etc. I get it. We have that.

You are entitled to think so.


It's just that I personally would like to think this is the problem that we collectively face and must solve together. I, as a young person get the chance to contribute to society by staying home. I mean, that's something I am very good at and many of us too.

A life is still a life. It does not matter old or young. Life is a blessing itself.

Please do your part of keeping any form of life especially your surrounding.

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Corona virus is prevailing in our minds , it is very difficult to survive in this situation, therefore we pray for its end, otherwise every thing will be finished. May Allah bless all over the world.

Well, we just gotta try surviving this thing.

Si la verdad es una lastima ver como todavia las personas a pesar de todo lo que hemos pasado siguen sin tomar esto con responsabilidad

Coronavirus is real. If you joke with it, it will not only joke with you but, mess you up.

I think I see a coronavirus on that table


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I think we'd do well to "take it seriously," but let's also stay rational and balanced about it.

At the opposite end of what you describe, we also have people acting like we were facing an outbreak of the Bubonic Plague that's going to kill 2/3 of the population... and will come drifting in under your door and infect you in the night. That is ALSO not healthy!

The young people pretending "it's nothing" are selfish. They might not feel it, but they can still carry it... home to their grandparents, who will get infected and die. One must think of the well-being of others!


yes, rational but seriously. Except that people are either not rational but seriously and also not seriously and not rational either.

To be fair, I think if my life is not dependent on others, I wouldn't care much. But like, our survival depends on one another which is a bit scary. Even if we're armed to teeth if others are not, it's useless.