Beauty or Brain - Brown Girl Problem

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“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

A powerful quotation that describes not only a thoughtful meaning but also leaves an inspiration for many girls. Yes, I am a brown girl and I am not ashamed of it. I feel proud of myself who I am and what I am and I am grateful for that.

Honestly speaking it took me a long time to understand that, all I knew was skin color should be pale, white, fair. You can't be skinny, you can't be very healthy, you have to be house oriented and you need to be fair.

Well, I am a girl of the 20th century which means I saw both the 20th and 21th-century transition. I know a lot of people will start arguing with me that you are wrong, this is not true but as a south-Asian girl, I will write what I faced, what a normal girl usually faces.

By the way, don't ask me about my age, you won't believe it I swear.


There was a time when I was insecure about my color tone plus I was not confident. I used to hide myself, I was anti-social. Well still now I am anti-social. Later, I have realized that I am seeing myself from other's perspective, where is my perspective? What I actually think about myself?

Believe me or not, I have faced a lot of criticism, from family, from school everywhere because of skin-color tone and being skinny.

There is a trend in Bangladesh, if you are skinny, people will say oh my God!!! Why you are so skinny? You should eat, you look like a skeleton, maybe your family doesn't take care of you. If you are fat, some people will say, do a diet, you are too fat. Nobody gonna marry you.


When I was a 4th-year student of architecture I did my first makeover, I changed my dressing style, I changed my hairstyle everything. Then again a new topic, she is so modern, she is so arrogant. Well, whatever I didn't care at all.

When I started taking care of myself, I started putting make-up again people said, why you wear so much makeup, we appreciate natural beauty, be natural not artificial.

My answer was always the same until now. I do makeup for my own, I feel good wearing makeup because I think makeup is an art to represent yourself and not everyone has the eye to visualize that.


Now I don't care what others say about me except my dad, I don't care if anyone thinks I am a makeup-queen or not. I know myself and I know what I am capable of. Because I didn't choose to be a housewife, that was not my target at all otherwise I would have married a rich guy and stayed at home like a queen and watched tv series all the time...

This was not me, this is not me...

In Ukraine, 98% of girls are pale except some foreigners. So, I am unique, my skin tone is unique and now after 10 years, those same people say, color doesn't matter qualification matters.

Well, about qualification, I guess I have a brain to think and have guts to do something for myself...


I wrote what I felt if you don't agree it's up to you. This is me, a girl who saw many phases of life, who harassed by people, who abused by people, who bullied by people and about sexual harassment... Will discuss it later...





I am @priyanarc.... An architect, a dreamer and a passionate writer who loves to write about life. I try to present my own perspective and experiences. Please leave your feedback and criticism because it's the only way I can know and reach your mind and thought easily...

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