The Diary Game 19/06/2021. Italy From North to South. Venice on the Run.

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A short story of a too short stop in the world of romance.

This time, Venice welcomed us with smiles in full bloom, with a perfectly bright sun, but especially with the romance
we need acutely. Then, in the course of a few hours we had all the weather whims, a lot of rain and then again clear skies and sun.

Beyond the natural expectations, I had a relatively cultural shock, at the meeting with the pigeons from St. Mark's Square.

It is almost impossible to tell, how these heavenly flights come, to flood your heart and soul, nibbling on your palm, grains… (corn grains, mercantile offered by various locals, at reasonable prices…!)

But the divine sensation of posing as a nourishing statue of the "birds of peace" makes you believe, at least for the moment, that you are part of the general-universal harmony of the whole DIVINE concept!

In short, Venice is a settlement composed of 177 (!) Islands, of which in the rush of our trip, we managed to see only a few…

San Marco Square displays, as I have already said, the indescribable spectacle of pigeons, but you should not hesitate to visit the Doge's Palace and especially the Church of San Marco; medieval settlements, for which adjectives such as grandiose and / or magnificent are of course pale!

You cross - the bridge of sighs - between the Doge's Palace and the underground-underwater dungeons, in fact, you see the places of torment of the enemies of the Serenissima Republic, you shudder to see the cells in which various convicts have served their sentences; the cell in which Cassanova himself was imprisoned is particularly prominent.

On the way back, you are tempted by the fear that you will get lost, risking to remain in your turn, innocent prisoner of darkness; but, you finally find the liberating way to the sunlight and breathe a sigh of relief… Hard to put into words the feeling you have going through the Doge's Palace; you are simply overwhelmed by the grandeur of the magnificent settlement.

You do not know what to admire first: the council chamber, the library, the armory, the bedrooms in which the Doges rested the burden of their immense responsibility, the inner courtyard richly adorned with statues, or the generous view from the windows facing the lagoon; you feel almost physically the history but, you are definitively overcome by splendor

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And by the way: at the Doge's Palace there is what is called the ancestor of the classic letter box. Unfortunately, he used informers; anonymous! The Church of San Marco greets you solemnly. You enter shyly into its cool interior, and the divine spirit terrifies you…

Where to look first? You do not know …

But if you wake up, it's good to sit for a few moments in one of the confessional pews. Even in the absence of a clergyman, you free yourself from fear.

And you free yourself from the many sins committed but never confessed :) You feel unintentionally, that life is still a DIVINE gift!

You can't really take advantage of the opportunity to go by gondola, not because it would cost about 90 euros, for about an hour, but because that 'hour' can be spent a little better; so you can walk on the Rialto Bridge, from where you can have a beautiful view of what is called the "Grand Canal"

Everywhere, small boutiques offer you an unimaginable wealth of handicrafts, gold and silver stencils and jewelry, paintings, postcards, clothing, in short, just about everything a tourist's heart could want to remember.


It would be impermissible if we forget the infinite palette of colors and shapes in which the superb exhibits modeled by unsurpassed craftsmen are presented, at the glass art workshops, in Murano.

And of course, if your stomach demands its rights, you can linger a bit at one of the countless restaurants / terraces located next to the "Grand Canal"; where, for about 45 euros, you can indulge in Italian dishes of all kinds. Seasoned with a wide range of drinks, alcoholic or not.

Then, if you really want to remember that you were at "Venice", you sit at the oldest cafe in the world, "La Florian", the cafe opened in 1720! , where you can drink a coffee (6,5 Euro) or a 0.33 l beer (9 Euro), to which is added 10 Euro for the orchestra that sings uninterruptedly, coffee-concert music.

After that, you wake up again to the harsh reality and you remember that you have to go home, but that doesn't bother you, you just go back to Rome.

If you feel sorry for leaving Venice, then it's because you haven't been able to linger long enough to meet a courtesan.

Or that you weren't contemporary with Vivaldi.

Or maybe you didn't hit the Carnival season.

Or maybe you couldn't see at work, the Murano glassmakers.

Or maybe …

Eh, but you swear to come back, your friends are waiting for you anyway.

And then, you will have enough! MAY BE !

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