Mistaken Identity

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It was a Saturday morning and Tunde was taking a stroll down the street when a young man ran past him. The speed at which the young man ran past Tunde was alarming. Tunde knew it was either the man was chasing something or he was being chased by something.

Tunde paid less attention to the fact that he and the man had the same kind of clothes on, maybe because it was the latest style in town and almost everyone had it.

It didn't take long before the reason of why the young man was running was made known to Tunde.

He could tell from the angry mob that were running towards him that the young man must have done something terribly bad and if this people were to get hold of him, his faith was nothing but jungle justice, as that was most popular in this side of the country.

Tunde knew he had to get to safety in other to avoid being wounded by the mob so he increased his pace.

But then Tunde noticed something strange, the mob seemed to be interested in him, he could have sworn he saw one of them pointing at him.

At first, he wasn't sure of what he saw, but when he heard someone yell..

“That's him, don't let him get away”

He was 100% sure of what was happening, the mob has mistaken him for the other guy.

And so Tunde did what every sane man would do, he took to his heels. But the mob were already close to him, and so in no time, he was caught and beaten mercilessly.

“I'm not the guy! You've got the wrong man” Tunde pleaded, his face was covered with blood and his voice was more of a whisper now.

Tyre's were placed on him and petrol poured on him. Tunde watched helplessly as one of them walked towards him with a pack of matchestick in his hand. He watched as the man lit the matchstick before dropping it on him.

Tunde suddenly came awake in cold sweat. He quickly switched on his bedside lamp before exhaling deeply. He had been having a nightmare.

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