Walk past the Green Dream!

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While being in the middle of a very good day, did you ever feel like, 'soon it will be over'? I know this is not a good sign of staying positive. But still, there's something inside us that secretly prepares us for the worst.


This is the path I was walking and it feels like I'm leaving it behind.

Let me explain a little more and you will understand how I walk past my dreams!



I have said this a thousand times, I live in a big city; it feels suffocating seeing all the highrises around. So whenever, I get the chance to be closer to nature I never miss them. Just like a few days ago, I visited my hometown where greens are still alive. So I choose to visit some places to enrich my brain memory with some nature & green.

Just look at the greenery, is not it amazing? Where can I get the same view in the city I'm living in now? That's the reason, it feels like I'm leaving behind my dreams, my green dreams!



Can you believe this, if I say it's inside the zoo?

Yeah, I don't go there to visit any captive creatures but the greenery. There are some huge guava and mango garden. I sometimes too a bench and sit there for a while just to breathe. I don't know, maybe my son also got something like me; he never complains about this. Though he never stops, stay around. But never forces me. That's why I can enjoy and take some pictures as well to share with you.

It was a beautiful sunny day. Maybe not in near future but in my dreams, I will visit this greenery again!

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So Very Beautiful!
And, I understand - I'm a nature lover Myself!
Have a Very Blessed Day!

Nature is always amazing!
Thanks for your appreciation 😊
Have a great day 🙂🙂

Hi there!
What makes Nature so Beautiful and Wonderful is..
"Man didn't make it"
I think people should think about that..
Have a Very Blessed Thursday!

That's also what I believe ☺️
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.