Look the Small Tomato tree in My Garden

in WhereIN2 months ago

A few months ago, I planted some small tomato trees in a garden near my house and the small tomato tree turned out to be very fruitful and I decided to pick some of the small tomatoes because they were ripe and we could make them as ingredients to make authentic Indonesian dishes, sambal.

Even though the size of the fruit is very small, it tastes the same as normal sized tomatoes because the type of tomato I planted is indeed a dwarf or small type of tomato so even if you wait until the fruit is ripe the size of the tomato will not change because indeed small in size so people more often call this tomato as a mini tomato.

To plant a small tomato tree is actually very easy and does not need much care because this small tomato tree does not require extra care such as planting a normal size tomato tree that requires organic fertilizer and spraying of pesticides, this small tomato only needs to be flushed and no maintenance needed. extra like a tomato tree with normal fruit size.

I got this small tomato tree when I visited one of my friend's gardens and he very much planted this small tomato tree in his garden for his own consumption because this small tomato did not sell if traded in the market so if we planted a small tomato tree then we can only consume it for daily needs because it does not sell for sale.

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