The Current Atmosphere in the Metropolitan City of Jakarta

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Previously we never thought that the Jakarta metropolitan city would be deserted like this, it turned out that the incident actually happened because of the spread of the Corona virus that made the Jakarta provincial government have to quarantine the area so that there was no spread of the Corona virus that was shaking Indonesia or even the world currently.

As a result of the spread of the Corona virus, it has paralyzed the Indonesian economy because almost all regions in Indonesia are subject to regional quarantine by the local government, so that some people are forced to settle down if they do not have urgent needs in accordance with the advice of the Indonesian government.

And the point is that the atmosphere in the metropolitan city of Jakarta at this time is very quiet and not as usual that almost every day there is severe traffic jams at several points of the city so motorists and cars are never quiet on the highway and what is happening today is the opposite very quiet and pollution in the metropolitan city of Jakarta is currently very decreasing.

With the decrease in fog and pollution in the Jakarta metropolitan city, now we can already see the mountains directly around the Jakarta metropolitan city and the mountains were never seen because they were covered with fog and smoke pollution. And the picture that I show in this post is a picture taken by my friend who is still trapped in the metropolitan city of Jakarta.

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