Atmosphere at terminal 2 of the Soekarno-Hatta international airport

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On this occasion I would like to show how the atmosphere at terminal 2 of Soekarno-Hatta international airport, the picture is a picture that I took from the skytrain so that the atmosphere of terminal 2 looks very clearly its beauty. Although terminal 2 is still famous for its old design, but its beauty is not inferior to terminals 1 and 3 because in terminal 2 too much we find additional facilities.

The advantage of terminal 2 is that all the airlines in that terminal are LCC (low cost carrier) flights which always help users of their flight services by lowering their flight ticket prices. At the terminal, there are several types of airlines that operate including Citilink Indonesia, Lion air, batik air, Sriwijaya air, nam air and Scoot.

And if you want to go to another terminal from terminal 2, you can directly ride the crossing bridge that connects terminal 2 with skytrain so you don't need to go down again to get to the kalal shalter, where the skytrain stops and the presence of the crossing bridge is also very helpful we want to go to terminal 2 if we use skytrain because the distance is closer.

Even though it still uses the old design which is a design by only relying on makeshift tools, but after the addition of several other supporting facilities, the terminal 2 also looks luxurious despite its old design. So that the beauty of the airport is more visible, with the addition of several additional facilities that make terminal 2 look more modern.

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