Delegate your SP to @gotogether and enjoy daily 100% upvote weight at least 15 times bigger SP than you delegated, and Others! New Policy announcement from @gotogether

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I am so pleased to announce @gotogether project’s new policy that is supporting SP delegators.

Here are what you will get when you delegate your SP to @gotogether. Let’s say you delegate 1000 SP to @gotogether.

a. You will get a daily upvote with at least 15 times bigger weight (rough estimate is 17 times higher weight) than the SP size you delegated. (1000 SP delegation means at least 15000 SP 100% weight upvote)

b. If you(sp delegator) want, you can add a comment on @gotogether postings, and if you post on the future Blurt and Zapata(if they are able to launch their main net successfully), you are eligible to receive a daily upvote (8 upvotes a week max) with the weight 3 times bigger than the size of your delegated SP). If you make posts on those 2 sites, you can have all upvotes from the 2 sites listed above. But as you might know, Blurt and Zapata have not yet launched and don’t know if they will have or steemauto site. Until then, I will do manual upvote just randomly.

c. But keep in mind that the other sites upvotes support is just a bonus. It means if @gotogether’s SP reaches around 4 million SP, then the late SP delegator might not able to get the support. As you know the current size of SP @gotogether operates is just over 1.2 million SP.

d. I have family accounts with quite big power on Leofinance and sportstalk tribes. You can also ask upvote support if you are SP delegator to @gotogether.

e. If you have bought LGT tokens and staked, then the total size of your SP delegation to @gotogether would be = Your delegated SP + Your Staked LGT tokens X 1.1(due to the current standard token price 1.1 steem per one)

f. Let’s say you have delegated 1000 SP and staked 1000 tokens, then your total size of your SP delegation is 2100 SP.

g. After 1st of September, you are eligible to convert your staked LGT tokens into Steem with the price of pure value of the tokens.

h. What is the pure value of the tokens? As you know @gotogether account has its own 281000+ SP and @gopower has 28000+ SP. Their powers are accumulated from the token purchase, curation profit, and sometimes @gotogether self-upvotes. The figure of the total staked LGT tokens are 330000+. So the pure value of the 1 LGT token is a little over 0.92 steem per token currently.

i. If you’d like to convert your tokens into Steem, you can send them to @gotogether and ask to convert into steem via comments. Admin will start power down and send steem ASAP. I would say it will take a week, but if there are too many requests, it will take up to 4 weeks to convert your LGT tokens. Currently it is worth at least 0.92 steem per token. The most important thing is the convert service will start from 1st of September (I think the pure value per token will be over at least 1 steem each then).

j. If you are LGT token staker, you would already know the daily steem rewards dividend. If @gotogether operates 1,200,000, then the daily dividend pool would be 120 steem a day, if it reaches 2,000,000, then the daily dividend pool would be 200 steem a day. So you are eligible to receive daily steem dividend based on the ratio of your staked LGT tokens out of total.

One point need to keep in mind, If you make a post a day, then make sure at least the time gap between the posts (20 hours needed.)

What if you have another account, which does not make a post and want to have LGT tokens?

If so, please delegate your SP to @gopower, not to @gotogether, then you will get daily LGT token with 18% APR. You can sell them or stake them to your posting account for bigger size upvotes. This will be automated.

Feel free to ask any question via comments, then you will get answer within 24 hours.

[Delegate 1000 SP]
[Delegate 2000 SP]
[Delegate 3000 SP]
[Delegate 4000 SP]
[Delegate 5000 SP]
[Delegate 6000 SP]
[Delegate 7000 SP]
[Delegate 8000 SP]
[Delegate 9000 SP]
[Delegate 10000 SP]

[Delegate 20000 SP ]
[Delegate 30000 SP]
[Delegate 50000 SP]
[Delegate 100000 SP]


@tipu curate

I will start with a 100 SP delegation.

Sure! No problem. Thanks!

Let me start with a smaller SP delegation. My current SP is delegated to other services but I will build more so I can contribute to GoTogether project. Thanks!

No problem at all. Hope you enjoy this project. Thanks.

Awesome. How do we get LGT tokens ?