A Reflection on the Future of Social Media for Creators and An Evolution Called Hive

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When I woke up this morning and saw that I'd had over 500 interactions with a picture I posted on Hive, I started to wonder why I'd never seen that much interaction with anything else I'd put on social and it got me thinking. I'm likely going to be posting this to Hive as well, and I'll likely post it there first so that I have proof that it was published into blockchain rather than a maliciously infringing public forum first, because that's just how I'm rolling these days to retain ownership of my ideas and creative works. You may or may not understand the technical side of that,and I'm just learning too, but it basically means that your content is your own and not subject to ransom or malicious intent. It is shared in the public forum, yes, but there is proof of ownership and that, my friends, is a beautiful, magnificent thing.

The thing that got me thinking about all this is that I have multiple social media accounts on different platforms and have never gotten much interaction on a photo, story or anything of the like when it comes to creative works. I've always been curious why that was, but wasn't to concerned until I realized that I was minimizing my results while maximizing on my effort.

Although I'm putting myself out there on Hive more than I have on any other platform, I have put out extensive photo work on Instagram, while avoiding sharing too many professional photos on Facebook, due to their egregious policies. Is Instagram any better? Probably not,but I digress. At any rate, the engagement always seemed a bit lacking. I know that some of that has to do with where I'm posting and then there's a lot to do with algorithms. I had no idea what algorithms were for the longest time or how social media worked. I just thought that if I posted stuff everyone would see it – at least any one of my friends list. I know that's not true now and even if I share stuff to groups I'm not sure if that reaches the entire group audience on Facebook, Instagram or any other platform that I know of. This brings me back to Hive.

Now, I'm pretty new to Hive and to decentralized platforms like this, but it makes sense to me that when I can put creative works in front of others and have more interaction with my works, why would I continue to use something that is only made to manipulate my behavior, my buying habits and my ability to self-govern? My argument for the longest time in utilizing Facebook was that "I need it for business." Although I know that Facebook can be used as a powerful tool, there are many aspects that make me wonder if it's even worth it. Why would I want to spend time on workarounds for algorithms when I can just create more natural, organic interaction while I grow my network and communities?

We seem to be at a point in time technologically that would require us to take a step back and think intentionally of our actions, their consequences and the rewards of doing something that's different when something that you're already doing just isn't working. Some may see something like this- this post, this article this little bit of writing- they may see it as some long social media rant. I guess, it is in part, but why does it have to be a social media rant? It's an accumulation of thoughts articulated with intention to share on Facebook, and chose to share with others on my blog, because I think it'll reach more people there. People have a thing about long posts on Facebook. Why are things deemed "too long for Facebook?" Why are ideas that take more time to process not valued anymore? Might it have something to do with the culture of instant gratification in the form of digital crack?

It is not my intention to demonize Facebook specifically, but the fact is it falls in the crosshairs because it is the most widely used of all social media platforms and therefore, arguably has the greatest social impact. If you were to be intentionally aware of the number of times you hear Facebook mentioned in a day when you were out in the world, I'm sure that you would be very surprised at the number of conversations that are influenced by online interactions through that platform. As somebody who took a 2-year break from Facebook, I know that I became aware of such things in that time, because most everybody was talking about what they saw on Facebook. All. The. Time. Now that I'm using Facebook again, I hate to admit it, but I'm just as guilty.

This isn't, specifically an anti Facebook rant. It's more of a musing and reflection on some of the things that I'm noticing now that I'm using a decentralized platform to share my creative works on. It's interesting how using one tool can give you perspective on another. I'm sure that homesteaders were happy to see a two-man saw instead of just an ax. Given enough time, that ax just gets old, dull and even dangerous. The evolution of technology is natural when it comes to humanity. The evolution of the tools we use comes out of necessity, whether it be for safety, productivity or for an improved quality of life. I'm not sure what will become of large social media platforms like Facebook. They'll likely live on for a while, but seeing some of the trends happening right now, I'm not entirely convinced that they'll be around forever.

I'm not a genie. I have no crystal ball. I don't have any inside information or know anybody in the industry that I know of. I only truly know myself and a few others, but I know that I'm not completely unique. I am not a snowflake: unique in every way. I am not so special that there is no one else out there that is similar to me, whether it be in my interests, talents, values or intellect. Although I can only write about my own experience and perceptions with truth, because I'm the only one that can speak that truth fully, I know that there are many other creators out there who are looking for a change. And there are many more out there who are questioning the social implications of such massive networks. I think communities like Hive are the change that artists and creators are looking for and I believe they'll have a massive impact on industries and livelihoods in the not so distant future. If guys like Joe Rogan are Making moves away from centralized platforms like Youtube that are censoring content, this is only the beginning and it is a beautiful thing. Yes, the platforms are still evolving and it does, at times feel like the early days of the internet where you're not always sure how to make things work, but things that are worth it, usually take some work, do they?

Having a platform such as Hive has been awesome so far and I'm very excited about what the potentials are in the future, because I have lots of things that I'd like to share and I feel like there's value in some of the work that I've done in the past that hasn't gotten exposure the way it will through a community like Hive. I also feel like a community like Hive is the best place to showcase my newest creative works in ways that will benefit more people and gives me the best exposure. That's a win-win-win and I like those. I'm not looking at Hive as the ultimate tool to do all things, but as a gateway to integration of my creative works and to creating the networks and communities that I will continue to grow in the future, because I believe in them and I believe in you. Your efforts are making big things happen, and that is exciting!

I don't think that I've had the opportunity to get to know many of you very well, but I wanted to share these thoughts with you today, because I didn't realize this potential until I started to be more intentional about sharing my creative efforts with the Hive community and engaging it. Everyone has their own motivations for how they use social media and have their own directives in life, so this may not apply to everybody that reads this. From a practical standpoint, when I look at Hive, I see a tool that can be used to create upfront value for creative work that has the potential to see long-term growth and evaluation through that cumulative effort. I believe that absolutely everybody has a talent, knowledge or a story that is valuable to others. If you wish to share those talents, Hive is a fantastic, growing community to do it. If you're new, welcome. If you've been here for a while, thanks for laying the foundation for this wonderful, growing community that is vibrating with potential.

Much love and stay well.

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Sounds like a HIVE curator saw your post, liked it, and decided to give it a boost. Nice! HIVE gives back what you put into it. There's an enormous userbase branched off into different communities. I've only scratched the surface myself.

We all have our own level of investment with what we stake. The more you put in to staking, the more it helps everyone on HIVE. And the community shows their appreciation when we build up that HIVE Power. 👍

I love the idea and spirit of it. I'm very excited about this community and looking forward to finding more ways to make my daily habits compound into greater results than I could ever do alone.

I look forward to getting to know people in this community more. I welcome the opportunity to meet people who live live's of intention and invention instead of passively observing the slow deterioration of a life half lived.

Much love and stay well. Thanks for the shout out. I'm grateful for a community to share my thoughts with.

For sure. What really helped me at the start was getting picked up by the PowerHouseCreatives community. @jaynie does a fantastic job supporting her PHC Community.

And there's lots of others to look at as well. Feel free to shoot me a line if you have any questions along the way. 🤝

Thanks for the road map. I'm looking forward to growing with this community and experiencing the evolution of social communication with like minds. I have yet to figure out if there's a DM service yet, but I'll take you up on that @inalittlewhile

Most communities use Discord off chain to chat in live time, plan events, etc.

That's cool. I'll have to look into how that all works and how I can make it happen.