CEOs Have More Trust Than Governments Study Finds

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The trust with governments might be eroding for many, but there are still hundreds of millions who are open to using that tool of government to inflict their own will onto others.

But for now, one recent survey suggests that a growing number might trust CEOs more than they trust their government representatives right now.

The survey found that about 61 percent of people said they trusted business more than they trust media or governments.

There is a fear of misinformation, though many might not be as skeptical to judging information as misinformation when it aligns with their own prejudice and assumptions.

Still, it's getting more difficult for many to tell the truth from the bullshit out there. The bullshit is running rampant.

For this reason one fact-checking website or another has sprung up to try and mediate this issue, providing more information for people to be able to come to their own conclusions. And we've seen the growth of decentralized media take place as more people go looking for alternative sources to get their information, but that might just lead them to more lies and brainwashing tactics, as we've witnessed.

After COVID-19, now more businesses are also looking to take care of their own, if that means giving them raises for being frontline workers, or offering cash bonuses etc. People are paying attention to how one corporation or another treats their employees and it could mean a significant amount of negative publicity if they are caught engaging in wrongdoing.

Would you be surprised to find out that some people trust Amazon and Google more than the police?

Although they might not still place the same value on governments specifically, it's obvious that they still support and believe in one government institution or another. Just because they don't like the current flavor of government they live under doesn't mean they wouldn't prefer another, one they're happy to force onto millions just the same.

The most trusted brands right now in the United States have been found to be companies including USPS, Amazon, Google, PayPal, Weather Channel, Chick-fil-A, Hershey, UPS, Cheerios, M&M's.

Overwhelmingly, Americans trust corporations more than they do their own government, to be able to deliver on promises that they make. That's why we see such strong and solid support for one company or another.



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