How Did You Know?

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What will it take for you and your goons to lay off my posts

The question, despite its lack of punctuation hung heavily on my screen.

My goons???

I freed a hand and stroked my chin, nodding as if the chap communicating with me on the discords was here in person and we were discussing the milk yield from our latest cows.


Oh, look! There it was! The question mark that was missing from the first sentence. This was exciting. I had better answer.

I dropped my handsome hand to the keyboard and made ready to tap.

I was too slow.

Why don't you waste your time downvoting real abuse. Spammy shit like stolen photo with one line of text.

Once again, there was no question mark and yet I was fairly sure this was a question.

It's ok, I thought. He will add it in a minute, like the last time.

I waited.


I waited a wee bit longer.

Still nothing. I was appalled.

It's things like this that start wars.

I muttered to myself.

Oh well. Best answer the young scamp.

The downvote you received is to discourage the buying of votes for profit (ROI) from bidbots. It's genuinely not personal.

I hit send with a flourish.

The answer came back almost immediately. As if the chap on the other end of my screen knew what I was going to say.

You and your goons are the ones abusing the platform and making it a hostile place to be.

I opened my mouth to object but before I could speak, yet another message popped up on my screen.

Fukin keyboard warriors .. Sitting in the dark jacking off as you destroy people's accounts

Aghast, I stared at my laptop, reaching a hand out and slowly closing the lid.

I looked about me suspiciously before tucking my rapidly deflating penis back into my sprout pyjama's.

Grimacing, I shook my head and muttered under my breath.

How did he know?

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  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Are you hiring any goons Boomy??? I object to his misspelling of Fucking!

The misspelled fucking was quite annoying for me too. How can anyone not spell that right, is rubbish without a c!!

It's like spelling twats without an m!

Lol, I totally don't get that one!

Don't feel bad, neither do I... my fingers just blurted it out before I could stop them!

Phew, that's a relief!

Oh man.... you're still getting into way more trouble than I do!

Hehe, I can't help it!!

You should really keep your goons under control you grammar nazi you! hahaha! (debated leaving the exclamation off the end of that "hahaha", but alas - I value our friendship far too much! hehehe :)

Hehe, my goons. That cracks me up!! That and the punctuation. Oh the fine times to be had!! :0D

still contemplating torturing you on telegram...

!giphy evil+grin

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

Oh noes, not telegram too. It's there no chat client that's safe!! Lol

nothing is sacred anymore... didn't you get the memo? :D

I avoid memos like the plague!! Lol! ;0)

Who am I kidding.... memos are about as exciting as unnecessary board room meetings hahahaha!!! Let's drink some wine rather, shall we?

!giphy wine+time

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

I think they meant gonads?

Either way, what a buzzkill 😳

Heh heh, maybe they did mean that. Me and my big lovely silk purse terrorising them all over the steemternets!! :0D

I'm surprised people are still buying votes to be honest, hopefully the message will be received at some point!

By the looks of it, some people only log in every few weeks or every month to post and buy a whopper. Those are the ones who actually never read it interact and so know nothing about the change and go berserk!!

First day at work means new beers - this one is sour as fluck and melting my insides!


Hehe, it's got the right name for it!!! My first day will be tomorrow. Pain only beer can heal!!

Ahh, good man. I bet you are delighted?! :D

I believe the setting that sums it all up is... Cock-a-hoop... Lol!!

You have goons. But was that a question or a statement. I will leave it for you to decide.

Seriously though, how does one obtain goons? I might be in the market...

Damn. Maybe it was a statement. In that case I want to know how I got goons!! Maybe if I get more, I can have a goon army!!

It upsets me greatly that you didn't get to finish. I feel like rubbing one out to avenge you.

Lol, now the platform is in danger of taking a wrong turn!!

Well said

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Cheers, buggy!

are you a gooney, isn't that a small geeky kid?

It was in the movie! I might have just slightly moved past that now!

I added 1 cent to that half hearted effort, everything is a personal perspective is it not? lol

for @meesterboom