What is photo sensitivity?: Symptoms, causes and treatment

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Photo sensitivity is the extreme sensitivity of ultraviolet rays (UV rays) coming from the sun and other light sources. For most people, exposure to sunlight for a long time increases the risk of sunburn. Sometimes skin is damaged due to exposure to UV rays and there is an increased risk of skin cancer.

Those people who are photo sensitive also get skin rashes and burn due to exposure to even a little sunlight. If you too are wondering what photo sensitivity is and have treated it, then you are at the right place. Through this article, you can easily know every small and big thing related to this problem.


Types of photosensitivity

Some chemicals also contribute to sensitivity to the sun. These can cause two different types of photo-sensitive reaction, photo-toxic and photo-allergic.


Photo-toxic reaction occurs when a new chemical in our body reacts with UV rays from the sun. Drugs such as doxycycline and tetracycline are the most common causes of this type of reaction. This can result in skin rashes, which look like severe sunburns. They appear within 24 hours of exposure to sunlight.


The photoallergic reaction can also be caused by side effects of some drugs. It can also be caused by the chemical found in sunscreen and beauty products. This type of reaction takes a few days to occur but mild rashes can occur after exposure to sunlight.


Symptoms of photosensitivity

The symptoms of photo sensitivity can vary from mild to severe. The most common symptom is skin rash or sunburn. They will not be itchy if it rashes. In some cases, sunburn becomes so severe that the skin starts to turn black. In some cases the skin starts to dislodge, due to which it is natural for your body to be jealous. Effects of exposure to sunlight also vary on people. Some people may get rash or sunburn due to exposure to low sunlight while some have some kind of reaction after a long time.

What causes photosensitiveness

Photo sensitivity is due to the common side effects of many drugs, including

  • Some anti-biotics
  • Chemotherapy drugs
  • Diuretic drugs
  • Some medical conditions can also lead to photo sensitivity, including

Lupus erythematous

Lupus is a connective tissue disease. In which there may be red or purple rashes on the skin of the organs exposed to sunlight.

Polymorphous light eruption

People with this condition can get itchy rashes when exposed to sunlight. As you are exposed to sunlight, your UV tolerance will increase. Its symptoms are usually rare. Women are two to three times more likely to suffer from this condition than men.

Actinic prurigo

People suffering from this condition have red spots on their skin after exposure to the sun, which can turn into crusted patches. This disorder can occur throughout the year, even in winter when it is less likely to be exposed to the sun.

Diagnosis of photosensitivity

Your doctor will need to review your entire medical history and the medication you are taking for the correct diagnosis. Doctor will need to pay attention to the development and pattern of rashes in relation to sunlight exposure. In some cases your doctor may also recommend a skin biopsy.


Treatment of photosensitivity

When a skin reaction has already developed, the treatment itself can reduce your discomfort and skin irritation. Medicines taken from a chemist's shop can reduce pain and corticosteroid cream may be advised to reduce burns. Some chemical photos cause sensitivities and should be avoided. These chemicals are found in some medicines and products such as chemotherapy drugs. However, sometimes it is not possible that these drugs can be discontinued.

How to prevent photo sensitivity

The best way to prevent photo sensitivity is to spend the least amount of time in sunlight. People who have photo sensitivity should always use sunscreen while outdoors. Cover your skin to avoid a reaction. People suffering from photo sensitivities should wear caps, goggles, and full-sleeved shirts to reduce symptoms. These simple tips will protect your skin and give a healthy life.


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