'Mixo' - New Original Music - Trying to Find Sounds I've Never Used - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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This is a random idea from last night,

Track 2, Chord Tones + Extensions
wherein I tried to use some sounds from the Equator, ROLI and Strobe2 libraries that I haven't used before, or at least not often. I've found myself gravitating towards the same few in each category, and though I always tweak them/customize them more, I thought it might be fun to just try and find presets that I've never used, and see what happens. I basically just started layering tracks, over a basic 8 chord progression, and wound up with this. Having listened to it after the fact, I think a progression that was more diatonic to either a major or minor key might work a little better, as there are some substitutions here that are interesting, but perhaps don't fit the dancey, chill sort of vibe as well. Track 1 is where I started, adding some dyads to imply the following progression: D, C, Bb, G (first 8 bars), D, Bmin, G, Amin (second 8 bars), then repeat. Track 2 plays the line pictured above to the right, which adds some chord tones, and some extensions. Track 3 plays a similar progression in the measures between where Track 2 plays.

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Track 1, Dyads, Outlining Changes

Listen to Mixo here...

Track 4 provides synth strings, just playing the same chords

Track 11, Bass Synth (accidentally at super low velocity)
as Track 1, but instead of sticking to mostly roots and fifths, this track adds our thirds, filling out the full chords. Track 5 adds a rhythmic synth, which sticks to single notes (and mostly roots). Track 6 adds a melody of sorts (though it wind up blending with everything around it), which has an arpeggiator on it. It plays short notes, so there are just some extra little trails from the arpeggios that disappear off into the distance. Track 7 is the hi-hats, which are a sequence from Strobe2 that also includes a sort of synth bass, though its really only audible in the break. Track 8 is just a clip from Track 7 with some pitch bends at the end. Track 9 adds our kick drums, and Track 10 some rimshot snare hits. Finally, we have Track 10, which was going to be the bass part, but I accidentally dropped all the velocities at some point before exporting the track. I raised them in the image here to the left, so you can clearly see the progression, so if I decide to continue with this, that'll have to be fixed.