Downvote or Dislike? What's the Difference?

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I am aware that I have written yesterday a post about upvoting and downvoting, but I find it very important to understand the difference between downvotes on STEEM and dislikes or thumbs down on other platforms. Downvote on #NewSteem has a totally different meaning than similar action at another network...

Firstly, if you like or dislike some content on Facebook, you are giving your opinion about stuff that you see (read, watch)... You don't get anything for doing that... On the other side, if you upvote some post on the STEEM network, you and the author of that content will receive more-less the same amount value in cryptocurrency, depending on your upvote value. If your upvote is valued at $1, you as a curator and author of the post will receive around $0.50 each...


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Let's check the opposite side, the DOWNVOTES. When you are reading/watching some post on the Steem, you are evaluating the effort, quality, contribution of the post... If you like the post, you will probably upvote it and reward the author for his hard work, and of course, you will reward yourself also as a curator...

If you are not interested in the topic of the post, or you have a different opinion, you can leave a comment and engage with the author. There is no need for giving downvote for that...

On the other side, if the post is totally irrelevant to the subject, or it is copy/paste article, plagiarism, or just represent SPAM post, you will DOWNVOTE it. By doing that, you are protecting the STEEM network from the negative impact on rewards and also bad content will be less visible (pushing GOOD content to be more visible).

Just to clarify this, let us make another comparison. For example, you are searching for critics about the new movie, and you have found where you have a lot of information about movies. You can see the rating of the movie and you can rate it yourself (upvote-downvote). By doing that you are rating THE MOVIE directly, and NOT the article about the movie, not the quality of writings...

On Steem, you are giving upvotes-downvotes to the INFORMATION that you get from the post. The information can be positive or negative (good movie, bad movie), but after reading it, you will have valuable information; to watch the movie, or not... And you are evaluating if that INFORMATION was usable or not... I hope that you get the point... :)

Finally, I would say that DOWNVOTE on STEEM should be observed as REPORTING ABUSE on other platforms... When you see that someone ABUSING the system, you click on DOWNVOTE button

I would like to state that this is MY opinion about downvotes, and I can be wrong. Have a great day everyone!


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It seems most people use it as a punishment. I try to tell people they are abusing tags. I try to not downvote based solely on not liking the post.

When you say someone is abusing tags, please explain.

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

"Tag abuse" means using tags inappropriately for the purpose of gathering more visibility (using popular tags instead of tags related to your post topic) or votes in tribes where the post doesn't belong.

Using the tag "life" for a post like the one here, that would be inappropriate. But some people use it, because "life" is one of, if not the most popular tag.

Using the tag "steemleo" on a post with a photo (not even about money or investing) and no or little text.

Perfectly explained! Thanks for clarifying and helping others to better understand the abuse.

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Thanks! Here's another one I've seen and haven't listed above. I even reluctantly upvoted some posts which abused tags in this way, if they were really good. But the abuse remains:

  • Tag Abuse: Using 10 tribe-related tags (tribes unrelated) and no topic-related tags for the purpose of maximizing tribe token rewards

Thanks so much for explaining. I can understand it now.

I wouldn't say that it is "most people"... I don't say that there are no things like that, but I see a lot of downvotes from people who have 10-15SP and reputation around 25-30...

Those are usually account created in the last month and I suppose that they are using the downvote button as they are using it on YT, FB... Also, I suppose that they don't even know how Steem works at all...

That's why I insist on writing these kinds of posts... for educational purposes...

Thanks for commenting!

Wow... well done, very well done. I really like this explanation, and it sure does help the new folks.

Thanks for presenting this on PYPT @pypt #pypt

Thank you for taking the time to read it!

Even though it's your opinion, it makes even more sense now! I hope I don't need to use it but if I see some kind of abuse I will!
Thanks Professor :)

I hope that the majority of the users on Steem look like this on downvotes, but the newcomers don't know about this for sure... And that's why it is important to talk about this and spread the word...

Thanks for your comment Eliana!

Well done with this post explaining the difference between a dislike on a regular social media platform and a downvote on Steem.

I've seen an extended approach to downvotes lately. Yes, use them as flags (that was their original name), but now they are also used quite extensively for reward distribution disagreement.

What does that mean?

If one thinks a post has been rewarded too much for its value, the downvote can be used to reduce its share of the rewards. The upside of this approach: what you "take" from that post by downvoting it, will be returned to the reward pool and shared by all the other posts. The downside of this approach, as with most downvoting really: you risk retaliation.

I don't like the approach of controlling reward distribution disagreement until some point... I mean, we are too small (relatively low amount of SP) to be able to change anything about that, but it's hard to judge how much is the value of some post...

I know the real reason for this and when are downvotes used the most, and that's OK (I mean when someone buys 200$ bid bots upvotes to promote his post with a picture of a cat)... In other cases (quality post, good information...), when upvotes are naturally built and manually curated, it's stupid to try to act like a "God" and downvote the post just to get from $34 to $20, because I THINK that it's not worth more...

Thanks for the comment!

I look for relevance in the Topics at hand, If I find posts that have been tagged something they are not relevant to then I just ignore them, if I find something way off inappropriate to the topic I downvote.
I see mainly look at CTP and I see a lot of off topic posts to what this tribe represents, so I usually just ignore, but like Eric said on the live streem the other day, I down voted a porn post that was on CTP. so for me there is a definite time and place for downvote, and there is a definite time and place to just ignore, eg: personally I couldn't give a fig about actifit posts lol so I just ignore them, even if they are from some of my favourite posters

Thanks Russell for sharing your opinion...

Actifit posts are there because Jon had given a green light for them... And, if there were no Actifit posts at the beginning of CTPTalk, it would be pretty empty here... Personally, I don't have some strong opinion about them, but people who are using Actifit are taking some kind of action, which is positive... And there are some nice posts with interesting stories and images...

Actually, I sometimes upvote Actifit posts that have a story... But, I will not push Actifit posts with 100% upvote, because there are a lot better ones... We were discussing about Actifit posts a few days ago on Discord channel... And I think that @pixiepost said one great thing about them... Authors of those posts come to our tribe and post, but they will maybe take a peak about the aff. marketing and get involved... So, we can look at them as some kind of "fresh blood" for us... :)

Regarding porn posts, that is a clear "tag abuse" and it's normal to downvote that kind of content...

I actually agree about the action takers and the new blood so to speak, and I should stop being so elitist :)

hahahaha... that Pixie had something special... I also didn't look at Actifiters in that way before her comment...

Great explanation about downvotes @ph1102, it's definitely different from regular dislikes, and to be honest I have not used any downvotes yet, but that might change if I see the need for it, there is something I worry a bit about though, and that is whales using it to increase their own rewards by returning so much to the rewards pool that they earn more on their own posts because of it.

Keep up your great work and stay awesome.

I'm not sure about what you said about the whales downvoting... In theory, the numbers have sense, but on the other side, if they would do that by the purpose it will kill STEEM, nobody would invest in it, the price would go down, and they will lose the most...

Another thing, a lot of whales don't create content at all...

But, we have a lot of revenger Steemians, who like to go against that river flows... and that's a bad thing... downvoting as an act of revenge or something similar, totally irrelevant to the content or context...

Thanks @ph1102, so I am not going to name anyone here, but I have seen whales that are creating content that are openly promoting that all Steemians should use all of their daily downvotes, and saying that if they can't find any bad content then they should actively search for content that they think has too much reward and downvote that.

I have also seen several completely new accounts that have been created for free using Steemit, and that do not have any other activity than downvoting, -10% downvotes is the only thing they do, and there is no correlation to bad content or too much rewards and they don't even make any comments at all, just random downvoting across the board, sabotage against Steem basically.

But this is what I have seen anyways.

Well, I will not go around playing a policeman and searching for bad guys... I have better things to do with my free time... I'm rather focused on positive stuff and searching for secret gems to upvote...

And I did see new accounts downvoting, but I don't want to bother with it... It looks that some a**hole likes to play like a 3yo child... it will pass... and with SP under 20 there is no meaning of downvotes at all..



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Interesting thoughts on this - I wholeheartedly agree with downvoting for spam and fraudulent behavior. As for quality— if I don't like the quality or content, I'll just move on.

That said, I'm ashamed to say I've yet to downvote people or join legit and trustworthy downvote trails for fear of retaliatory downvotes on my own content. 🙃


There is no need to be ashamed of that... I would be ashamed of giving my right to downvote to someone else... I find it a very immoral and unresponsible thing... Giving power to judge and accuse someone in my name sounds very bad... but, that's just my point of view..

THanks for your comment!

Ah, and you’ve just nailed why I do feel uncomfortable auto-downvoting. If I’m going to flag a thing, I want to have vetted the situation personally, first.

Ah , Dv I have been talking about it for a while especially from small accounts with low sp.. So, I say, people love me so much that's why they leave a DV as a form of appreciation... Thanks for presenting in #pypt show...

hahaha... You can look at DV from that view also... :) Nobody likes them, but when you receive some, you find yourself important :)

Thanks for your comment and upvote!