Carrying On & Removing Toxicity

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We face a world with more and more uncertainty by the day. Especially for HSPs such as myself. HSP is a highly sensitive person. Typically very anxious and mild to severe depression may be present.

Depressed people are often more intelligent than the general population & I believe this holds true for HSPs too. Why? Because they aren't wearing their rose colored glasses and see things the average sheep doesn't. It's a blessing and a curse. For the sheeple will often will bully the HSP's accurate beliefs. Trust me, going through it now with my biological father.

I find it hard to move forward at times. So, I take it minute by minute, day by day. I am engaged, I am a daughter, sister, niece, and soon be a mother.

My self worth isn't based off what others think of me. It's based off me & trying. If you stop trying, you've given up.

Cutting toxicity out of your life helps. Blood isn't always thicker than water. You will never change a narcissistic, two faced, manipulative person. Only they can do that. Cut them off & like a tree with a rotten branch removed; you'll flourish!

Literally we cut off an infected, rotten branch and the entire bush started looking like a beautiful new plant. It was inspiring.

So unburden yourself little ant, so you can rest for winter.
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Hi Chelsea88, I've never been one to jump around crypto. I'm usually all Blue Chip.

This community doesn't stand for honest people when they get raped. It is a free for all with Bag Holder Cliques who make won-ton decisions.

Here are just a few users who raped our Account:

@azircon, Maligning Mark, @brianoflondon, @acidyo, @derangedvisiions @ybanezkim26 realziqul, and @guiltyparties , hivewatchers-helper played a role in turning 63 potential authors away, that is why I cut off Hive from my life.

I am waiting and look forward when honest posts and simple mistakes do not destroy Accounts.

There is no goal of enterprise adoption at Hive. I am to compete with this copy/forkjob of Steem and allow a blockchain where even Volkswagen can have an account.

You can fly with you very own wings, high above the sheeple like a wind of spring.