I Am Attending Our Weekly Thanksgiving To God Online Now

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God Is Light

By Jeff Jacobs from Pixabay

When I was still able to walk like a normal person I would attend church three times per week and that does not include those meetings for special events and purposes from groups within the church. So you could say that I am not only active in our church but also a religious person or at least trying to be worth of God's mercy.

I went on being religious because I do have a long-standing sickness already and I thought that if my kidneys would fail I will die quicker than what I am expecting, I just wanted some security on my spirit that if I would die I just wanted to go to heaven because it was already obvious to me back than that this lifetime was not for me.

I wasn't a dialysis patient before I went to change my religion from Catholicism to what real Christians should be and so I went to mcgi.org. I at first was listening to their TV program in the afternoon, I got hooked because the questions from the people attending the Bible expositions are answered impromptu while using the passages from bible which is it in itself is very impressive to say the least.

So I mailed them and they sent me a church worker and after that was my journey into being a devout Christian afterwards. The regular church gatherings are called the "Prayer Meeting", "Worship Service" and "Weekly Thanksgiving Of God's People".


The weekly thanksgiving is now held online and now combined with worship service during late Saturday afternoons until almost midnight because groups of people are offering songs and praises and there are lots of brethren scheduled every week and then the topic discussion with Brother Eli Soriano along with other "church servants" (our humble term for the equivalent of Ministers, Priests, Pastors) and then a running question and answer with some brethren who got an opportunity to ask or get some advice from Bro. Eli with the help of the holy spirt of God using the passages from the bible.

Now with the pandemic still going on and restricting the gathering of people, our church leaders had devised a way for the members to still attend church through the help of the current #blurtech - nology that we have which is livestreaming privately through a private youtube link which I was provided with in coordination with the local church leaders.

Now I can just attend church without going to church physically even though from the last few years I was being visited by our local church worker so that I can be able to watch the pre-recorded church gathering including the prayer meetings, worship service, and the weekly thanksgiving of God's people. Now it is done online until the CoVid Pandemic is over when the restrictions of gatherings are lifted and things get back into their normal ways.