November 22, 2020

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"Life is not about making money, or making a name, but making a difference." -Fr. Orbos

Happy Sunday everyone!

I hope you guys are doing well. Its been a long time since my last post. The past few months has been really dramatic and overwhelming, too overwhelming to write it down. I was preoccupied with so many things, it was a lot to take in.

As we try to contain the virus in the community, I'm also trying to fight this battle within me. I'm just so glad that the worst is over, and everything feels lighter now.

Life is so much better when you just let things go and not dwell on bullshits and shenanigans.

This year is about to end, and it taught me so many things I will never forget. I hope 2021's gonna be a better year. I think everyone's hoping the same thing.

Cheers! 🥂