Fuck School, I’m Gonna Be a Stripper

in photography •  2 months ago 


I’m kidding I’m kidding! But would you believe this set is for school work?

We got an assignment to take one picture that represents Texas, and we were told to be creative with it.

First thing that came to my mind was tiny jean shorts, then I remembered I have one dollar bill @jeffjagoe once gave me, so my nasty mind went pretty far off with the seemingly innocent word Texas.

I have tattoos and like to be half naked, so I though what better way to illustrate Texas than be totally white trash. No offence to anyone in Texas.



Do you think one of these images represents Texas, or am I too far off with my imagination?

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There should be at least 100$ instead of that buck!
You would definitely be an expensive one! ;)

Hahahaha yes please! 😂

I mean you have potential! :D
of course you do way better than striping or anything like that! <3

Well I’m a fan 😬

Will your classmates see?

Yes they will, and 8 are women, one man, we all adults.

I think you need to up the ante then

Boom...Asher saying what I was thinkin'! Lol.

I think we are used to content that might be a bit too much for first assignment sharing ☺️

Yes, poor students won't know what hit them...Not like us old hands...

I’ve desensitized both you guys and myself 😅

Haha, yes you did. I'm ruined. (Not really). Am still legit! Lol.

Not enough bush on your shots lol

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That I can't fake 😂

true dat

I don't think words are necessary... 😂


Lol. Yeah. I mean...I’m in.

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I don’t have any of those, gimme!

Haha, well...We'll see in July. 😂

Looking forward to it 😁

Are there Steem silver rounds in that pile?

Yes, I bought several. In that pile there was a couple. I took the photo for a blog a long time ago and I've used it over and over. It's a good picture don't you think? Most people (who have never seen Aussie money) remark on how colourful it is.

If had to create an image of Texas and I had the props, I’d have a man in a space suit wearing a cowboy hat.

That would be a very cool image!

With the helmet on for comical effect.

But something like this would be cool:


Kidding my butt, Vegas should become your home 😂😂😂

Thanks, I guess? 😂😅



Preciosa mujer con un precioso tanga, muy sexy, desde luego que lo eres :*

like cardi b ? !! xD

Yes kinda like that but not cheap or ratchet.

Cool pictures

Probably more Las Vegas