Image is made of own imagination and thought (competition 60): Treasure island

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7imvmt.png Image was created by @xpilar

Can it be true?
Is it possible?
Is it on planet Earth?
Is it a place where people live?
Is it on the Google map?

Can there be a place like this?
There's an island far away from all Nations
There's a place where everyone is rich
There a place where precious stones are seen as sand
There is a place where freedom is free to all its inhabitants
There is this place where stories of poverty are fictions.

It's the land of milk and honey
It's the land that many dream of everyday
It has everything that you need
It has not just precious stones but other special natural resources
It is the city of the rich.

I believe you understand what am saying
I tried to warn you but you didn't listen
I showed you the direction but you weren't interested
I even gave you the map but you threw it away
I tried and now am being accused for not telling you.

Goodbye my brothers
Goodbye my sisters
Goodbye my lovers
Goodbye my enemies
I am an inhabitant of this island

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thanks for great poetry / poems @ddn688

Thank you for reading.

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