Use a text spinner to randomize your Tweets

in #programming10 months ago

A few weeks ago I wrote a bit about the pseudonym generator I made. This new tool I made is also a generator, but it requires you to put in some work before it becomes useful.


You can craft a so-called 'Mastertweet' and the app ( will multiply it, e.g. generate variations of the same message.

The syntax required to feed the underlying algorithm is quite simple. Imagine something like this:

{ Hey | Hello | Hi }, my name is { John | Anna }.

You probably guessed it, the words in curly brackets are the options from which the text spinning tool chooses.

The possible variations are:

  • Hey, my name is John
  • Hello, my name is John
  • Hi, my name is John
  • Hey, my name is Anna
  • Hello, my name is Anna
  • Hi, my name is Anna

You can put anything into curly brackets and randomize it. Links, hashtags, emojis, anything that you used to create your Tweets, can be used. And it can be multiplied.

Write once, schedule multiple times

The idea for this little app came to me when I tried to come up with variations of my own marketing Tweets, particularly those promoting the pen name generator mentioned above.

I didn't want to send out the same message every few days, so I applied the text spinning idea to my Twitter marketing plan.

Now I (and you) can write a more or less complex Mastertweet and call it a day. With dozens or even hundreds of variations of my message I can schedule these in Tweetdeck or any other scheduler.

Go, check it out and tell me what you think: