southers' Film Review: Luce (2019), A Film about Adoption, Education and Discrimination

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It is no exaggeration to say that the new American film "Luce" is the most important black movie in recent years. Because the film did not give an answer until the end, it spawned one after another "no solution" social symptoms. "Luce” refers to the many problems of American society, from race to gender to violence and education. These injustices and discrimination push the audience to the abyss of darkness step by step, forcing you to stare at the sins in close quarters and to look directly at fear without fleeing.


The reason why Luce caused controversy was that the content it covered was too rich, but it only raised the question but did not give an answer. That is, the audience entered the darkness and the box, but did not have the ability to bring light to the box, or lead the audience out of the darkness. Luce is the protagonist of the film. He is a black boy adopted by a white Caucasian couple. He came from a war-torn country, and there was no hope in his life, but he was adopted by a middle-class American couple when he was a few years old. The husband and wife carefully cultivated and gave him a life of worry-free life, so that he could get the best educational resources. Luce lived up to expectations and became a top student in the United States. He became the pride of high school, the star in the eyes of classmates and teachers, and some students believed that he was the next "Obama."


But the history teacher of the school, Wilson, recently discovered the "unusual" of Luce. She found illicit flammable fireworks in the cabinet where he stored personal belongings in Luce, and found that Luce's paper had a partial recognition of violence, and there might be a character trait of the "dictator tyrant." Moreover, Luce believes that the direct way to change human behavior and will is to adopt violent suppression. Wilson informed Luce's parents about two things, hoping that they would take countermeasures. Luce is just a symbolic representation of American social problems. One of the most conspicuous symbols, he can't touch it, because he can't stand the test. He is the crucifixion of human blood.

The film discusses ethnic issues and education issues. Two white couples adopted black children and tried to change him and made him "complete." The subtle relationship between the three is presented multiple times in the film. From the suspicion, hostility, understanding and approval, the father took the white stereotypes to see the adopted child and his black female teacher. He does not want to cultivate a monster that believes in violence, but he does not want others to make irresponsible remarks about his son, because it means his failure to educate Luce.

My Score is 8.3/10

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Critic: AAA
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