southers' Film Review: The Lighthouse (2019), An American Psychological Horror Film

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"The Lighthouse" is a psychological horror film released by the American company A24, directed by Robert Aegis, who is also the director of “The Witch(2016)”. I have wrote the movie review about “The Witch”. If you are interested in, please go to my homepage and you will find it. For “The Lighthouse”, it is set on the mysterious New England Island of the 19th century. The film revolves around two lighthouse keeper, telling the story of two people trapped on a dangerous island in order to guard a lighthouse on the Maine Strait.

Thomas Wake is an experienced lighthouse keeper, and Winslow Howard is a young man with a mysterious past. Winslow is the first acting as a lighthouse keeper. Every night, two men sit together for dinner. Thomas Wake drinks some wine, and Winslow refuses to drink every time, fearing that he will be fired because drinking is a prohibited rule. When the weather gets worse, the sense of isolation between the two begins to influence the minds of young keeper. This alleviate the uneasiness of the coming.


Every night, Winslow is tormented by nightmares. On the last night before the end of their four-week term, the storm becomes even stronger, and Winslow finally agrees to drink a few drinks. Everyone was drunk and beaten. The next day in the hangover, they woke up and found that because of the weather, the boat that had planned to pick them up did not arrive. Hence they had to be trapped on the island for a few weeks before they could go home.


This film is a very unusual movie. The label of the "horror film" on it is not enough. "The Lighthouse" is a psychological horror film and also a character drama film, and may even be a fable story or a new myth. Beyond its simple narrative line, it is a series of chaotic and ambiguous, fuzzy time and lack of explanations of scenes and symbols. All of this has not been explained. We don't know how long they have been on the island. Two days, five weeks, or eternity? In the end, the audiences are like the two protagonists. In the sound of the waves and noisy seabirds, they cannot figure out the reality.

My Score is 5.5/10

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