Sports Curator Daily featured posts | 17.02.2020

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Greetings Sports fans!

Among all of the projects created through SCOT & Steem-Engine, SPORTS is probably the most exciting among all of the respectable frontends in the Steem ecosystem. It has the most buzzing & enthusiastic community. The theme sports is definitely one that can gather a huge crowd together, who can have a great time talking about their favorite sports & players.

And so the motivation for @sportscurator has materialized to assist on the distribution of Sports token through a manual content discovery scheme. The intention is to scout for “New” undervalued quality #sportstalk contents to be upvoted & featured in our blog.

The Sports Curator blog intends to compile all top curated #sportstalk posts for the convenience of other SPORTS users in search for exciting posts.

Featured post #01 by


5 More Games to Win


Featured post #02 by @hattaarshavin


Arsenal vs Newcastle


Featured post #03 by @dfacademy


A Day at Decentralized Football Academy


Featured post #04 by @byebyehamburgers


Day 662 | Saturday Reps


Featured post #05 by @harlhana


NBA: Bam Adebayo wins the 2020 Skills Challenge


That’s all I have for now folks! See you on the upcoming days for any update on the curation project.

Game on!
SPORTS Curator

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