STEEM VALUE IN EARLY NOVEMBER 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

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When I go way back to look at #steem
the price index is round to what we have today.
The year 2016 is the first and you will see the variation is minimal
#steem has evolved to be the coin we all love and cherished so much.
If you are a big fan of #steem you should #spud today.
Me specially I #spud all month of October.
I will continue to #spud and hold till the end.


The price is just 5 cents higher than this year.
What I find attractive #steem was among or close by some coins
that left us way back.
One thing we need to understand #steem at first is about sharing ideas
by posting.
Few people understand and will push this way.
Many people expect to earn a fortune by writing a novel.
Earning in #steem is about your surroundings.
Make great connections and believe in sharing.

How was year 2017 in early November?


That was the beginning to something good.
If you were around then, that was explosion all over and #steem did benefit from.
#steem daily exchange sit low.
Is this a trend?
We have to hold the token but we need movement to validate as well.
Decentralization at best.
I hardly mention inflation for steem in this post cause this is the sweet spot
to generate more steem.
I do not think we bloggers are responsible for the drop
in price.
Since we do not earn a lot, the whales do a lot of damage to the drop
in price.

Let us look at November 2018


Two years in a row the value of steem is around 80 cents.
Are we heading to that price?
I guess it will be a close call to see a bump in the price.
We have more steem more than 300 million.
We have more users holding steem.
This is a good news.
I can sense when more steemians hold the token
the price will jump.
I sense with SMT if there is less steem out of the market
the price will skyrocket.

The use case is enormous.
I have been thinking maybe #SMT can be used many ways
and more steem will be needed to run their system.
2020 will be another chapter in steem life.
More testnet is under way.
I heard about onboarding more users.
I heard about burning steem.
#steem-engine is growing.
So far the value of steem resides on our ability
to hold, spend and promote.
At least if you care SPUD.
Stay put

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The potential is definitely there. I think we’re just at the beginning stages still. The prices are a bumpy ride, but long-term development will win out in the end (I hope).

Thanks for posting from 🦁

We will get the upper hand cause we believe.
Something got to give and when it happen steemians will be amazed
to SPUD monthly.

Thanks for supporting #spud @pouchon Take care and have a good day!!