Lymbuzz - Post and Earn Money through New Social Media Network

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Post and Earn Money through New Social Media Network


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Lymbuzz is a new social media platform that paid its uses every month on the basis of likes you get on your content. This pay once in month but concept is not life steem. The earnings that you make every month can be transferred to your bank account.

Please check out for more details.

Post contents like photos, videos, blogs, etc.. with your friends and based on the number of likes you get for your contents, you will earn some money. simply post and earn.

You will not earn any money for just 1 like or 2 likes you got for your post. We will pay for a particular amount of likes you received. For eg: in some month we will pay for every 100 likes you received and this count can vary from month to month. So always post some contents to earn some money.



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Wow. Payment page social media are coming. Now traditional social media sites like Facebook Twitter will be at stake. By posting liking and commenting there we can earn some money which can be directly transferred to the bank account that is the most important feature of this platform. Good hunt


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