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Every single steemian is somehow in this trench
To earn more steem in the short run.
Some maybe pulling a living out of it.
Some maybe happy to be here and their contributions outpaced their income.
In the long run if you are here and do what you
do best, you hope to pull a limbo sometime in the future.

Ha ha I think it was possible in 2016.
It is still possible in 2020.
We just have to lay the ground for it.
The price of #steem is not formidable.


This is long shot goal to get there.
I do not follow #steem price day by day.
The valuation of steem degrades every time you send it to exchange.
We need to sell the minimum and buy more.
The number you see is not accurate due to missing data from other market like #blocktrades and personal.


Making a living just posting is so 2017.
Some people can go by it if they get a huge delegation and then it may happen.
15 cents don’t look profiting unless you are earning
1500 steem a day.
That would be a miracle just from blogging.
You will earn steem if you build your surroundings
You make friends with whales that value your posts.
That should be a way to stick around and get your
Reputation way up there.
Definitely as a blogger you will earn some steem power and make a name for yourself.
Since my inception to steem
I earn 6000+
I did purchase the remains on 14k.
I took the opportunity at 14 cents to pile up on more steem.
With HF 21 the payout is in favor of blogger.
If you love to blog be here to educate and be a pilar
For the next generation.


They are the backbone of steem.
They do not write much.
By holding steem power passively they earn more steem.
I think we need more of them in here.
They are the door to generate more capital and more value for steem.
If you are a blogger and you are not selling steem
You act like an investor.
You can see the steem-engine tribes, they are a pathway to bring value to steem.
I consider the witness as an investor as well.
They make sure the blockchain is safe and secure.


If you are new to steem, profit wise you are in the water.
Unless you invest a large amount and you find ways to make end meets.
Best plan of action get more steem and then power it up.
Invest in the tribes if you find one that fit your profile.
Comment like crazy and be true.
Write consistently and make your voice heard.
If you have less friends just like me the ride will be longer but you control how far you can go and the rest is history.
One key thing do not focus on how many steem you will earn concentrate on writing a post better than yesterday.
I said that before invest in yourself, invest in steem power.
Stay put.

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Awesome post..factual, short and precise.

Thank you

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