How I Made A Whopping 20 Cents in the First Month on Medium

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Photo by Noah Buscher on UnsplashIs Medium a scam? Isn't it?
The top writers are pretty much the ones you expect. BA(Hons) in English, PhD motherfuckers, CEOs of multinationals, published authors with best sellers. The rich get richer.
These inbreds write about writing. They write how to succeed manuals that do not work. They are the ones who get enough claps (10k and up, I have even seen 100K claps) to sustain a living writing.
Lower down the pyramid scheme, we get the wanna-preneurs, the digital nomads living off money they claimed to have made via bitcoin trading, or some such, or selling their 'beats' online, travelling round the world, one packet of condoms at a time.
These, too, make decent money. Medium level money. Ahem.
Can you picture me rolling my eyes now?
The rest of us are scraping off the bottom, clapping for one another, supporting one another, making sure our names stay in the highlights of other people's articles, in hope of drawing eyes to our own outpourings. Adding the followers of anyone we can find. That works, right?
If you write moderately well, maybe a little pocket money can be made?
Don't make me laugh.
The first month I wrote here at Medium, I wrote over a dozen articles. Maybe more. Most good. A few, great. How much did that get me?
20 US cents.
I paid my monthly five dollars, I want my money back.
Now, the second month, I see I am making nearly $2.
$1.94 to be exact. Oh, boy, if I write fifty or sixty more 1,000 word essays I may be able to break even, and break that $5 ceiling. Pray for me.
What a fucking scam.
But wait, there is flash fiction. There is short poetry. I can write like a dozen a day or more. If I really hustle, I can churn em out like little hamster poop pellets. Those get claps.
So I do not get to write more of what matters, and just end up hustling, and hustling? Sounds good to me.
I already terminated my monthly subscription, so come March I can no longer drop my name on everyone's page, as we all need to do, in order to survive at this Medium of mediocrity. I already lost my $5. I ain't about to lose even more, chasing my own tail, betraying my worth, to do this humiliating dance.
I am one of the truly gifted music composers and musicians of this era. No one is ever going to know this but me. No one supports my music and it is stillborn. So I try other things, I m not good at non-creative things, and writing it seems, is not creative, it is a hustle. Not much else. Pandering, and hustling.
I know others fare better here than I do. It is not reflection on my abilities, nor on my work ethic. I write. A lot. But it is not at all 'paying off'.
I am so tired of this. So damned tired. Shoot me already. Immortalise me as the world has done to Van Gogh and Vivaldi. I think heaven now has paypal or venmo, right? Death always makes an artist's work appear more worthy. Market me post-humously, I dare ya.
Oh, yeah. I was supposed to teach you how to make 20 cents here. First, you know, write something. Maybe even gibberish. Someone is bound to clap. Try lines like, 'she plunged her hand deep into my anal crevice as I let out a moan of delight', that oughta be worth 20 cents. I mean, compared to injustice, speciesism, capitalist toxicity, mental illness, poverty, and all the other topics I cover, a hand fucking an ass is worth more, am I right?
Go ahead. Pump away. Fist fuck that mother for all the money she can make ya. Maybe even make all the way up to $10 a month. Wow. Fucking heaven, I tell you.
Just don't go spending it all in one place.
Edit: It turns out Medium clocks me at already churning out 101, that's one hundred and one pieces, but they include comments I left. The pay is upped to $2.69 minus tax. Wow, am I right? Fucking scam.


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